Transparent and smart ERP for maintenance services and materials management

Easy-to-use and hassle-free lifecycle management with modern tools for manufacturing, energy utilities, maintenance service providers, and infrastructure and property owners.

Let us turn you into an ERP pioneer!
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Let us turn you into an ERP pioneer!
Get in touch.

Janne Hakala

Director, EAM & Service Business
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All functions and data in one view with all devices

VincitEAM changes your view of data systems used to manage human activity and life cycles for good. With VincitEAM, you can manage all data and activities related to maintenance, material, and document management with one tool. VincitEAM brings the right information to the right place at the right time – every time.

VincitEAM is the only service, maintenance, and asset management tool on the market that combines all data contents, documents, and daily ERP activities into one seamless software that we tailor to your needs. You get to manage almost all of your processes, equipment life cycles, and safe workflows with one totally mobile system. You get all the functionalities that you, your employees, and your collaborators need – and only as many features as you need at any given time.

Why VincitEAM?

  • The newest comprehensive service, maintenance, and asset management solution on the market
  • The only system available that seamlessly combines content/document management and daily ERP activities into one tool
  • One search engine to access all data
  • Excellent version control and audit trail functionality
  • Excellent access rights management tools based on metadata
  • One workflow engine you can combine with all operations and document management tools
  • Includes modern, fully configurable user interfaces to different ERP needs at workstations and on mobile devices
  • A fully ERP integrated graphic VincitGantt tool making resource allocation and scheduling easy and visual
  • Extremely extensive mobile features for managing operations and events
  • VincitESB enterprise service bus for controlled integrations with all external systems

Some of VincitEAM’s functionalities

  • location/company, device location, equipment and hierarchies
  • work and task management
  • preventive maintenance and defects
  • different diaries
  • project management
  • downtime management
  • workflow management
  • cost management
  • resource management
  • schedule management
  • stock management
  • M&A management
  • billing management
  • partnership management
  • document and content management
  • report management

Some of VincitEAM Mobile’s functionalities

  • user management
  • adaptive start menus and views
  • equipment, equipment data and spare parts
  • locations and hierarchies
  • job orders, quickwork, tasks, and follow-up work
  • preventive maintenance and maintenance reports
  • work material planning
  • stock items
  • purchase, return, stock movement, and inventory functionalities
  • spare parts interfaces
  • purchase functionality
  • purchase suggestions, purchase orders, and intake
  • failure and fault reports
  • different diaries
  • time tracking and validation
  • document viewing
  • taking, attaching, and editing photographs of, e.g., work and faults
  • QR codes, bar codes, and OCR text recognition
  • speech recognition for, e.g., failure reports

We deliver VincitEAM to you just as you prefer

VincitEAM can be delivered to you according to your preferences: either as a fully Azure-based SaaS service, including everything you need at the service level of your choosing, or installed in your or your partner’s computer room. Always as a monthly-charged service.

We handle the onboarding projects from start to finish. We also know our way around older systems and can transfer existing data into Vincit EAM, set up integrations to all necessary external systems, and tailor to your specific needs when delivering the system to you.

Together with our customers, we continue to further develop the VincitEAM system to make your work and future easier. We always deliver the latest software versions to you to make you a pioneer in enterprise asset management.

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