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After growing fast as a company, we grew tired of trying to guess how to best support our employees. So we decided to ask them. At the same time, our team leaders grew exhausted trying to filter all the available support for their team members. So we decided to help them out.

Instead of producing anonymous statistics for the HR and management, we flipped the system on its head by creating a genuinely employee-oriented model. Vincit LaaS started out as an internal webshop for leadership services for our own staff. Everyone gets the support they need when they need it, and from whom they want. Employees have the possibility to track and take back control of their work and wellbeing. Instant feedback helps us to continuously improve the service selection, and focus on things that create true value for our employees.

We then piloted LaaS with other companies – from growing forerunners to large, traditional and hierarchical organizations. Now, we are further developing LaaS into a product family for leading workplaces from disruption to co-organization. We connect all the dots across your organization and make all the pieces visible, allowing them to communicate with each other.

What you get

One-stop tool

for employees, employee-oriented managers, and HR professionals. LaaS brings together all the relevant data & metrics on an individual and organizational level.

Real-time data

Base your decisions on data and continuous feedback, and stop wasting your resources on guessing games.

Company-wide transparency

LaaS makes all the available support, perks, resources, and expertise visible and accessible.

Enhanced expertise

Use data, surveys, and feedback for continuous improvement, and give everyone a channel for developing their competence and sharing their expertise, company-wide.

The right thing at the right time

One size doesn’t fit all. Let your employees tell you what type of services they need and when they need them, and offer tailored support for everyone.

Employee satisfaction & wellbeing

Enhance your employer brand and treat your internal customers as well as your external ones – if not better.

Wide networks

In addition to our customer support channels, we offer coaching, consulting, & onboarding support. You can also join our LaaS Community for like-minded colleagues.

How LaaS works

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Johanna Pystynen

Head of Leadership development
+358 50 441 2126
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