Our design work is based on understanding the future needs of people, businesses and the environment. We make a profound impact by designing experiences that create genuine benefits for all involved. To complement service design and UX planning, we create sustainable solutions by using value-based and Planet Centric Design tools. Are you ready to look at things through a broader lens, too?

Anything in your mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Anything in your mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elice Pynninen

Design Director

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Design and expert services

Mining for user needs and business benefits

User needs, business benefits and strategic goals provide the framework for a successful digital product. Together, we’ll find the best business plan for your product.

Crystallizing the concept

Crystallizing the concept will help to compile a list of functionalities. Carefully avoiding mistakes through testing will ensure that your product is ready to soar.

Data-based service design

Software design isn’t always enough. Data-based service design ensures a seamless product experience and a fluent customer journey, that creates phenomenal added value.

Value-based design

Value-based design aims at increasing the customer’s meaningful experiences, while using your service. Right, sustainable choices are our way of paying it forward.

Agile user interface design

UI design ensures software quality. We guarantee a well-functioning software experience and also offer consulting services for the design process.

Taking care of usability

Vincit’s usability gurus ensure that our designs create a special user experience. Our usability testing comprises all methods from expert evaluations to remote testing.

Compliant accessibility

The EU wants to ensure that digital services are accessible to all – also to users with poor sight. Our designers are prepared.

Sustainability as a future competitive advantage

Sustainability can provide a competitive edge regardless of your industry. Planet Centric Design allows us to create sustainable cost savings and smart logistics.

Success stories

Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto – Doubling sales with a new UX

The travel agency Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto increased its sales by 220% due to a new buying experience. By mining for the true needs of the users and the benefits of the business, we understood how the new online service should cater for the customers’ travel needs and how the desired end result could be achieved. Now, developing the UX is a continuous, data-powered Agile process that helps increase customer understanding.

#business benefits #user needs #online store #data-based design

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Moovy – A platform for uniform parking functionalities

The parking service provider Finnpark was determined to create an improved and coherent CX for its customers. The company decided to build a service platform that could be joined by all parking providers and drivers. The concept design phase included several workshops that engaged the users and stakeholders in the development of the service. The end result was Moovy, a mobile app designed to make car owners’ everyday life easier and quicker by allowing them to use parking garages without ever opening the car window.

#service design #concept workshops #engaging design #mobile app

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Unelmatehdas – Realizing dreams through value-based design

We’re particularly proud of Unelmatehdas, the digital service that turns senior citizens’ dreams into reality. The digital service was created to fund the dreams of the elderly. We engaged the stakeholders in the planning and ended up with a donation platform that enables a new type of individual and transparent charity work. In the process, we were involved in creating senior culture that focuses on people’s individuality, creates moments joy in the users and evokes emotions in dreamers of all ages.

#value-based design #digital service #broader lens

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