How should you coordinate and transform your organization’s structures, culture, work and people to increase your competitive edge? How should you transform your practices of continuous learning, innovation and leadership and develop an agile, open and radically human-driven organization? We will give you the tools you need.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Mari Jokiranta

Head of organizational design & human driven development
+358 40 516 1214

Expert services and consulting

Organization and
leadership development

Organizations that go beyond the traditional boundaries deliver high-quality innovations faster and adapt to changing situations flexibly. Bring your teams to the center and speed up your decision-making process.

Assessing and developing organizational resilience

Is your organization prepared for unexpected changes, both internal and external? We will assess your organization’s resilience and help you develop it.

Capacity building

Together, we will assess your organization’s capabilities and identify the skills that will be the most relevant in the future. We will help develop your staff’s capability to respond to changing needs.

Support for change management

The key requirements for success are people’s participation and support for change. We will help you and your organization make lasting changes in collaboration with your staff.

Towards a more agile organization

We will coach your organization towards agile transformation one process and project at a time. This will not result in chaos but in good practices and iterations.

Future methods trainings for staff

Employees have a natural ability to notice the weak signals and pressure to change. However, to use that to support management often requires tools and process design.

Innovation Lab

Turn your innovation efforts into a strategic and systematic process that is based on value creation. We will support your innovation operations with facilitation, collaboration or an outsourced solution.

Ecosystems and communities

New business is more and more often created in ecosystems and communities. We will give you functional tools for building active ecosystems.

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