When you want to improve your product experience, a PXM/PIM system is a must. However, it’s not the system itself that creates a valuable customer experience or boosts sales. We help you understand your customers, answer their needs with rich product information and get organized in building an engaging product experience.

Something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Something on your mind? Drop us a line.

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Head of PXM

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Product experience management

A centralized PXM solution

Your people deserve the best, most user-friendly tools to serve your customers with. Akeneo PXM/PIM is a solution that helps you take control of your product information, get organized with your product experience management and integrate with all necessary information sources and channels.

Product experience leadership

It’s all about understanding customer needs, business goals and product differences, not forgetting designing and continuously developing an effective information model. We help you beat your competitors with engaging product experiences.

Supplier engagement

You don’t have to do everything yourself – team up with your suppliers to create rich product information. By efficiently collecting product information, you can focus on building a product experience that brings out your brand. We help you with platform solutions, interfaces, data harmonization and information model integration.

Visual media experience optimization

To see, feel and experience your products in digital channels, your customers need high-quality media content in various formats. With a modern image, video and file management solution we deliver an optimized media experience for every situation.

Product experience delivery

Even the best product experience isn’t enough if you can’t deliver it to customers in relevant touchpoints. You can focus on telling your brand story and developing your product experience when we help you with integrations, micro services and API first architecture. These are vital for your business to grow and develop in the future as well.

Layout automation

Products are often showcased in catalogs, price lists, product cards and technical specifications. When your PXM solution provides up-to-date product information and images directly to InDesign, creating product assets becomes dramatically faster.

Product information management and architecture mapping

Missing a clear vision for the future? We help you understand the current state of your product information management, define your goals and list your next steps. We’ll audit your current systems and clarify roles and responsibilities. We’ll map out the challenges and development opportunities within your processes and recognize information sources and use cases.

Get to know our work

Puuilo – Growth takes scalability

With yearly growth of around 20 %, retail chain Puuilo is expanding with full speed. This brought up a need for a scalable PIM solution to better support everyday operations.

Puuilo chose Vincit as their long-term partner who knows the needs of their business and can bring true added value. Together we’ve developed Puuilo’s product information management to meet modern needs in terms of technology, processes, information architecture and integrations.

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Dahl – Improving customer experience with top-notch product information

Dahl is the leading wholesaler for HVAC, municipal engineering and industrial plumbing products within the Nordic and Baltic area. Dahl was on the market for a user friendly, agile and scalable PIM solution that would also help them pioneer the field of product information excellence.

Vincit was able to offer the required expertise, experience and the ability to understand the uniqueness of the industry. Dahl’s new PIM solution is the first in the country to be based on the Akeneo Enterprise Edition platform.

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Finlayson – New PIM solution strengthens brand experience and reduces manual work

With over 200 years of history, Finlayson is one of Finland’s oldest companies and a beloved home textile brand. Finlayson set out to modernize its PIM solution in order to offer a stronger, more unified brand and product experience to all customers regardless of channel.

A phone call with Vincit convinced Finlayson’s team that they had found the right partner. The scope of the project was wider than a mere technical system renewal – the goal was to look at the product experience and process as a whole to make sure that the solution would match the needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

#pim #pxm #product experience management #ecommerce

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