We build mobile apps that users love. But how do we do it? Our user-centered design and technical expertise are the cornerstones of your success. Vincit’s designers have extensive experience in designing mobile applications that are turned into technical masterpieces by the best mobile developers in the field.

Did we raise any questions? Go ahead and message us.

Did we raise any questions? Go ahead and message us.

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Tech Director

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Expert service and consulting

Native mobile development

Native mobile apps ensure the best possible performance and a platform-specific UX. They ensure the app a long life and scalability for future needs.

Platform-independent mobile development

Platform-independent tech provides a cost-effective way of creating quality mobile apps. We are always in sync with industry developments and are happy to adopt new technologies.

Backend systems for mobile apps

Nearly all mobile apps need a backend system, that enables web-based features. A reliable and scalable cloud-based solution ensures functionality. Click here to read more

Mobile development DevOps

Features are implemented quickly and reliably through continuous testing and delivery. Automatically run tests ensure strict quality control, allowing developers to focus on new features.


The data we collect on users and app use allows us to optimize the UX, using tools such as automated A/B testing and marketing automation.

Mobile app maintenance

Mobile platforms change rapidly, often requiring the app supplier to react quickly. Our excellent monitoring and fault detection equal seamless UX and happy customers.

Tailored mobile apps for companies

Mobile apps facilitate and boost internal processes. Our experienced service designers help you identify your mobile service needs across industries.

Company mobile strategy

Mobile services provide visibility in the digital world. We help you create a mobile strategy that supports your business or team up to create cutting edge solutions.

Success stories


Hesburger’s mobile app was launched in June 2016 and quickly became a household benchmark. The figures speak for themselves: the app has to date approximately 2 million downloads and has brought Hesburger nearly as many new bonus club members. The new app has enabled Hesburger to support its existing business and to create new revenue models.

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The story of the car wash company Juhlapesu started in Kuopio with Erkki Aminoff’s idea to revolutionize the car wash business. Vincit and Juhlapesu partnered up to design this brave new venture. The result was a fully automated and fully mobile-based service with a fixed monthly or annual fee. After a successful launch in Finland, the service was developed into the technology platform known as Superoperator, now used by 10 car wash operators on three continents.


Effortless parking is one of life’s little joys. The parking service provider Finnpark wanted to offer an improved and unified customer experience to its customers. Changes in the field and diversification of the competition created pressure for developing operations and services. The company decided to build a service platform that could be shared by all parking providers as well as drivers.

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The Everything you always wanted to know about buying mobile apps but were afraid to ask guide

According to studies, we use mobile devices almost 3,5 hours daily, and the use has increased steadily in all age groups. Despite that 67% of all IT projects will flush. If you want to belong to those 33%, who will succeed with their app, it’s worthwhile to download and read this guide.

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