Vincit has been working with healthcare and medical companies since 2007, building technical solutions in numerous projects in the private and the public sector, while taking the industry’s special needs into consideration. We develop medical equipment and services for several customers, both for clinical use and for consumers.

In May 2021, Vincit was awarded the medical certificate ISO 13485, which enables us to deepen product development cooperation with medical device manufacturers.

Have something to share? Drop us a line.

Have something to share? Drop us a line.

Ville Korpi

Software Architect & Tech director

Expert services and consulting

Development of web, mobile and embedded software

We develop tailored systems for various purposes, including server and mobile applications, smart testing, as well as diagnostic equipment and platforms.

Healthcare applications

We provide healthcare with customized applications, such as e-services and digital narcotics information services.

Data, analytics and AI

As part of our projects, we offer medical analytics, that apply machine learning and artificial intelligence, and provide services for the development of a data lake and pipeline.

Preclinical and clinical trials

We have extensive experience in planning and analyzing preclinical pharmaceutical trials and clinical functional food trials.

Easy-to-use integrations for healthcare systems

We provide tailored integrations for integrating existing and new systems as well as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Cloud services with 24/7 monitoring and support

We offer help in healthcare cloud transitions, which enable round-the-clock support for integrations, customizations and third-party applications.

Data analytics and healthcare processes

We develop the automation, monitoring and reporting for medical equipment and healthcare processes. We have experience in ML/AI-based clinical guidelines and automatic classification of samples.

Quality System Certification ISO 13465

Success stories

Oral Hammaslääkärit Plc

We began our cooperation with Oral in 2014 by designing and developing Oral’s separate online booking and MyOral services. In 2017, we integrated all of Oral’s digital services into one, simultaneously renewing Oral’s website. The aim was to create a logical service journey that would always lead the customer where they needed to be. After the website overhaul, the number of online bookings has increased by 49%.

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Our cooperation with Suunto began in 2016, when Suunto wanted us to redesign the company’s mobile application. The aim was to develop an app for everyone interested an active lifestyle that would provide a modern way of tracking one’s exercise, activity and sleeping habits. Vincit’s experts became an essential part of Suunto’s own development team. The result was Suunto App, whose Suunto Dive feature was entirely realized by Vincit. We also took part in the software development of Suunto 7 sports watch.

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Vincit has established long-term customer relationships with global companies working in the medical industry, such as GE Healthcare and Varian. Our accounts also include pharmaceutical companies, such as Sartorius and Pharmaceutical Information Centre. Our medical customers include the Finnish health technology company Icare, in addition to which Vincit has a long-term customer relationship with a large global company working in the IVD market.

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