Vincit delivers e-services with a user experience and appearance that people love. The services work seamlessly at all times and on all devices. We also take accessibility into consideration.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Mikko Seppä

Tech Director
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Expert services and consulting

Customized online store

When setting up your web store, don’t let ready-made solutions limit your success. With an online store that is tailored to your company’s needs, you will gain efficient online sales, a competitive edge and a better customer experience. One of the e-commerce platforms we use to create our solutions is Shopify.

Digital service channels

We deliver effective online services where services, brand and content meet, whether you want to target them at a specific audience or the whole world. Among the technologies we use are Contentful and WordPress, which offer an effective and user-friendly way to manage your website content.

Electronic services

To us, e-services have the potential to be more than just boring websites with long forms to fill out. We deliver e-services that are always easy and effortless to use. Our experienced designers help make the customer journey as smooth and straightforward as possible. We have also delivered strong electronic identification to several online services.

Public sector e-services

A public-sector e-service that the users would actually like to use? We know how to deliver just that. When we design e-services for the public sector, the key factors are accessibility, user-friendliness and data security. We are able to deliver services that comply with the KaTaKri and PiTuKri data security requirements, and we also have expertise in the strong electronic identification.

Web development and e-services

Our seasoned experts can deliver even the most complex web-based solutions in close cooperation with you. We can either take charge of the entire project or participate in the development project as a part of the customer’s development team. Our extensive toolkit includes modern web technologies, such as React, Angular, Java, Node and .NET. Naturally, we deliver our solutions using modern cloud platforms..

Location-based services

Today, almost all devices have a location feature. Location data can be used to deliver new, smart services that benefit both businesses and consumers. Location data has already revolutionized transport, logistics and health technologies, but we believe that this is just the beginning.

Success stories

Urban Armor Gear – Building an online store for the international market

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is an internationally top-selling brand that sells protective cases for mobile devices. UAG asked us to create a new web store with improved usability, storytelling, brand image and performance. We worked in close cooperation with UAG’s talented team throughout the entire project, which made this a truly collaborative effort.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency – Digitalized services

The Finnish Wildlife Agency was a pioneer in the public sector when it started digitalizing its services with us back in 2014. Together, we have created a public, digital ecosystem that has minimized the agency’s administrative burden and built the most reliable public wildlife database in the world. Linking location data to the catch entries made in the mobile application and the hunting clubs’ zone specifications created in the online service has enabled new workflows in the hunting permit process and real-time reporting. Thousands of hunters benefit from the service’s geolocation APIs that enable third-party systems to efficiently utilize the maps in the service. Today, the service has 160,000 registered users and over 2.5 million crowdsourced catch and sighting reports.

Telia – Webstore modernization

Telia Inmics-Nebula (formerly Telia Data-Info) chose Vincit to renew its web store in 2014. The process had to be completed under a tight schedule in just four months. We took the bull by the horns, rolled up our sleeves and did what we were hired to do. Today, it is one of Finland’s biggest B2B web stores where you can buy both devices and software with Telia’s innovative device-as-a-service concept. For a fixed monthly fee, you get software and a device that will be securely recycled at the end of the contract period. If you wish, you can also choose insurance and servicing as additional services. The webstore package also includes functionalities for B2B services, such as device database management. Our partnership with Telia is ongoing.

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