Building better businesses with AI, IoT, ML & Data

Navigating the sea of abbreviations is not always a walk in the park. It takes extra effort to leverage true business value from today’s buzzwords. Our secret sauce is made of immersive customer experiences enabled by emerging technologies and the data they can uncover.

We can help you harness new technologies to build a competitive edge. With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science, we transform your ideas into defined and validated business models, and shape unstructured data into business opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Our Services

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Turning data into information and information into insights that drive business value, empowered by mathematical models and algorithms.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Presenting your products, services, and business with immersion, augmentation and interaction is not possible with conventional display technology.

Internet of Things & Cloud

Blending the digital with the physical and marrying data from all crucial touchpoints.

Voice UI

Enhancing user experiences and making device interaction fast, intuitive, and human-centric.

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Sami Suominen

Data Technology Director
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