If you need to tie up some loose ends, if you’re not happy with how things have turned out or if your system mapping seems rickety, we’re here to help. We’ll take over the overall maintenance of your system and answer the phone whenever you need us. We’ll work steadily towards ensuring that your future is built on a solid foundation. No matter what your platform of choice is, we’ve got you covered.

Did we raise any questions? Go ahead and message us.

Did we raise any questions? Go ahead and message us.

Juuso Holm

Director, Digital Platform Services

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Vincit DiPS
– Continuous services

Software maintenance

We’ll look after your software for you and take care of its maintenance, further development or security updates based on your needs.

Monitoring and management services

We will set up an automatic or manual monitoring system, which will send out an alert in case there are any faults.

Capacity and DevOps services

We’ll migrate your software to the cloud, build a continuous integration pipeline or upgrade your version control! We can even provide you with entire cloud environments!

Vincit Support Center

The experts at Vincit Support Center will be on call 24/7, if you need them. Sleep easy knowing that you’re connected to comprehensive monitoring and management services.


We take security seriously. We’ll help you minimize risks by finding and updating your products and services and by identifying any vulnerabilities in your environments.

Service management

With our Service Managers in charge of your quality of service, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ve got your back.

Small-scale development

Did your previous supplier leave you in a tight spot? Our small-scale development team will take over and continue developing your software as your needs change.


Missing an essential link between systems? Don’t fret! Our ready-made solutions guarantee an efficient implementation regardless of the environment.

Success stories


Vincit built Hesburger’s Android and iOS applications, the backend system and a sophisticated integration into the company’s own ERP and POS system. The apps are maintained, monitored and managed for faults 24/7. We receive fault notifications 24/7 and conduct active 7-to-7 monitoring. We’ve been able to reduce our response time to under 60 minutes in all fault situations. In the past year, we’ve managed to eliminate all end-user interruptions.

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Oral Hammaslääkärit Plc

Vincit renewed the customer portal of the dental health service chain. WordPress was chosen for managing content in the portal and extranet, in addition to which Vincit implemented backend system integrations. Data is now synchronized in real time and the company has a new, modern frontend app. Customized report and list views were also created as part of the project. The active cooperation between the companies started in 2013 and is still going strong, with Vincit providing maintenance and 24/7 support for the app.

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Technopolis UMA

When our journey started in 2017, neither the employees nor the customers had any digital tools. The project aimed at digitalizing all essential day-to-day operations and enabling the employees to concentrate on effective customer contacts. The existing IT infrastructure of Technopolis was used where possible while trying to find a balance between ready-made solutions and custom software development. The cooperation is on-going and features small-scale development, 7-to-7 support and 24/7 automated monitoring.

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