To find your optimal slot within your business environment, you need to simulate different future scenarios and draw up guidelines based on them. An agile digital strategy and roadmap ensure that you are taking the right steps toward achieving your goal.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

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Expert services and consulting

Digital strategy assessment

Does your strategy respond to the changing market? How to smoothly launch the implementation of your strategy? We will assess your strategy and help you with leveraging technology.

Creating a digital roadmap

Are your strategic projects feasible? Could it be time to move on to an agile, iterative implementation? We will help you turn your strategy into a reality.

Leveraging technologies

New technologies call for new capabilities. Together, we will create a plan to catch up on your company’s technical debt and skills debt and start introducing new technologies iteratively.

Driving digital development

Is your organization ready for a digital transformation? We will assess the resilience of your business and help manage and guide the development and deployment of digital systems.

Success stories

Taksi Helsinki – Taking over the taxi industry with their strategy

When the deregulation of taxi services threw the taxi industry of Finland into a state of confusion, Taksi Helsinki decided to aim for becoming the leading national taxi dispatch service. To achieve this, the company needed to offer dispatch services that are safe and reliable for both customers and taxi operators.

The strategy work and risk analysis helped identify the key development areas in the company’s operations and current system. The process to renew the ICT system has begun, and we are making an effort to improve the system’s user-friendliness and ability to adapt to future needs.

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The sawmill company Westas Group was looking for new perspectives on their production processes and business. Vincit approached the company’s situation with the idea that the systems should adapt to the needs of people and business, not the other way around.

The end result was a roadmap for the development of digital systems and a clearer picture of the input of all process participants and their ability to develop the whole to meet both internal and external needs – now and in the future.

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Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto – Better sales through modernization

Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto was looking for more agile operating models and increased sales. We started the modernization process with a consumer survey and identified the areas that needed to be developed to increase the company’s online sales.

After the modernization of the company’s web store and ERP system, the customers are able to tailor their vacations to their liking. This has led to an increase in website traffic and add-on sales. Paths to purchase are being developed further with the help of data. Our close and continuous cooperation helped Ikaalisten Matkatoimisto grow faster than the market.

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