In today’s increasingly unpredictable business environment, success doesn’t happen by coincidence but as a consequence of the actions you have chosen to take. By combining design thinking, scenario building and data-driven management with traditional business processes, you can create sustainable, future-relevant business concepts and holistic customer experiences.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Heidi Tetri

Business Design Director
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Expert services and consulting

Developing and validating new business concepts

Tap into the opportunities of the changing market, customer experience or forecasting. Concept testing and calculations generate data to support your decision-making.

Market entry plan

Who are your target customers? How could you approach them systematically? We will help you find the right market and assess the viability of your business plan.

Foresight and future-proofing

Although no one can see into the future, you can steer your organization in the direction you want with simulations. We will help you outline different scenarios to support your decision-making and planning.

Data-driven business development

Streamlining operations or testing and developing different models with data will bring quick results for business development and optimization.

Circular economy and business opportunities

Circular economy and sustainability can be a competitive edge for your business. Develop digital solutions and business that help keep products in circulation for as long as possible.

Planet Centric Design

We have created a toolkit for sustainable design to help you make your business more sustainable. Read more and download our guide here.

Success stories

Sartorius – From product business to service business

Digital services allow Sartorius to quickly and flexibly innovate new services for the needs of the biomedicine and applied research industries. We have partnered in business analysis and design and created, for example, a plan for transforming the business towards a service-centric model. The partnership has also produced a business plan for strongly increasing the product sales of electronic pipettes. We have also created a plan of action for producing a service-based offering.

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Superoperator – A fully digitalized car wash

Vincit planned a revolutionary car wash business concept together with the car wash company Juhlapesu. The result was a fully automated, mobile-based service with a fixed monthly or annual fee. After a successful launch in Finland, the service was developed into a technology platform that is currently used by 10 car wash operators on three continents. Real-time data allows car wash owners to analyze and segment their customer base and to allocate their sales and marketing resources more efficiently.

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Taksi Helsinki – Becoming a pioneer in digitalization

The strategy work and risk analysis enabled us to identify the key development areas in Taksi Helsinki’s operations and current system. We have begun the renewal process of the ICT system, taking into account the needs of the company’s customers. This means user-friendly services for taxi customers, an easy and comprehensive service for taxi drivers and a system that is capable of adapting to future growth needs.

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