We at Vincit recommend using modern cloud technology. We believe it is, and will be an essential part of contemporary infrastructure. Cloud technology allows for agile projects, whilst at the same time ensuring the creation of solutions with a long lifespan, fault-resistance and ease of maintenance.

Have something to share? Drop us a line.

Have something to share? Drop us a line.

Kyösti Herrala

Technical Director

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Expert service and consulting

Cloud-native development and architecture design

We’re experts in the best practices of cloud architecture as well as state-of-the-art technologies. This translates into safe, reliable and scalable systems.

Selection and efficient use of a cloud platform

We’ll create a tailored cloud strategy that allows you to invest in the cloud platform, that’s best for your business (AWS, GCP and Azure) and lets you benefit from the cost-effective use of its services.

Preparing and carrying out the cloud migration

We’re able to divide the cloud migration into manageable parts and to ensure that you are able to get the most out of the ready-made cloud services.

Platform solutions and cloud deployment

Vincit has extensive experience in established platform solutions. We’ll help you assess your cloud platforms options and ensure an easy and care-free roll-out.

Implementation of DevOps operating models in the cloud

Carefully designed automation allows for quick approval tests and effortless installation, letting your development team focus on what really matters.

Designing and auditing cloud security

The cloud architectures we design are secure by default. We also know how to audit the security mechanisms provided by the cloud.

Success stories

Metso Metrics – Cloud-native architecture for analytics

The Metso Metrics system offers advanced data analytics on the functioning of field equipment, which have a particular need for preprocessing masses of data. We developed a cloud-based high-performance data analytics mechanism to support the system. The cloud platform allows for the flexible addition of storage and calculation capacity together with efficient parallel processing.

#Data lake #Databricks Spark #MPP / massive parallel processing #AWS S3 #Apache Cassandra

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Oma Riista – Reliability through cloud migration

Our client was worried about not being able to scale the functions of the Oma Riista wild game data service in the virtual machine environment. We wanted to prepare for the autumnal start of the hunting season with a solution that would adapt to peak loads with the help of a scalable runtime environment. Thanks to the AWS cloud architecture designed by Vincit, the response times have stayed low and system availability (SLA) has remained around 100% year after year.

#PaaS #Load balancer #Cloudfront #CDN #AWS RDS database #Elastic Container Service

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Hesburger – DevOps thinking in a cloud infrastructure

When building complex and business critical backend systems, it’s important to make sure that the cloud infrastructure they use is easy to manage. We built the backend of the Hesburger app using the Infrastructure as Code approach, which resulted in structurally well-documented and uniform runtime environments. Making changes is safe and if worse comes to worst, a similar environment can be built using the up-to-date and code-based description.

#Infrastructure as Code #AWS Elastic Beanstalk #AWS CloudFormation #Terraform #Mobile backend

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