We believe that the best results can be achieved by using agile methods in your own environment. Our Agile Coaches train our partners’ experts and organize trainings on agile methods as needed. We will support you long enough to ensure that the agile methods have taken root in your organization’s culture.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

Have something on your mind? Drop us a line.

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Business Director

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Coaching and consulting

From sub-optimization to systems thinking

In product development, sometimes the individual teams might be doing well but the bigger picture just isn’t working. If this is the case, you need to take a look at the systemic boundaries and view your project operations as a whole. Our Agile Coaches can also help your organization with business design.

Towards a more agile business

To make it in tomorrow’s competition, your business must be agile and ready to adapt to the ever-changing situation of the market. Short, customer-oriented pilots enable agile business development.

Trainings and workshops

Our experts organize trainings and workshops on different agility-related themes. Our expertise includes training sessions and workshops on Scrum, Kanban, Lean, User Stories, Value Stream Mapping and Eventstorming.


The best business understanding resides in the company’s employees. Facilitation is a tool to bring out this knowledge by allowing everyone to participate and by keeping people focused on the goal of the work meeting. Vincit offers facilitation coaching and facilitation services for organizing workshops and retrospectives.

Situation analysis

To make the change, we need to assess the current situation and identify the challenges. Once the key challenges have been identified, it is easier to address them. Whether you want to improve your business operations, product development or team work, our experts are here to help you.

Team coaching

Our Agile Coaches help Scrum Masters and their development teams to avoid the most common pitfalls. Our coach observes the team’s work, gives them feedback, makes suggestions for improvements and enables a faster team-building process.

Product Owner coaching

Although very challenging, the role of a Product Owner is critical to success. We have a long tradition of supporting Product Owners and developing backlog management.

Agile remote team work

It is crucial that the team has tools and work methods that are suitable for daily remote communication with colleagues. Under the guidance of our Agile Coach, you can critically assess the suitability of different methods and practices for remote team work.

Success stories


Vincit has been working with Hesburger on the development of their mobile application and backend system since 2015. The development team, client and other stakeholders have been assisted by one of our Agile Coaches, whose task it has been to facilitate the project team’s retrospectives, spar with the team’s Scrum Master to develop the team’s work methods and assist the team with writing and updating the team agreement during team membership changes.


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HSL Public Transport Database

We are carrying out the modernization of the public transport database of Helsinki in cooperation with HSL. The key is to fully modernize the old system using agile methodology. Through coaching and close coo
peration, we can ensure the best possible result and the continuity of the development process. The project has been a joint effort with the top experts of HSL and Vincit’s support and coaching network to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Coaching the team leader

At Vincit, we have made extensive use of agile coaching in our own projects. Agile Coaches facilitate project kick offs, retrospectives and other meetings. They also assist project leaders and Scrum Masters with daily practices and can, if necessary, also coach the client’s Product Owners. Our Agile Coaches have organized various training sessions, workshops and information sessions for our customers and in house.


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