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By Steffen Halme

My name is Steffen Halme and I work as a designer at Vincit. I joined the company in November 2017.
One of the company's routines is the monthly cake event. An all hands meeting to share the latest news and cake with the colleagues. My first cake event was not without consequences for me. The Nudge Decision was passed on to me. It's the tradition to nominate a fellow employee to make a decision for the company. It's all about self-management at Vincit: Everyone can make any decision. Quite a bold thing.
Okay, what are the rules for the decision? Do I have a budget? Should it be beneficial for every employee?  Answers: No rules are chiseled in stone, no fixed budget, all up to you .

To have the right and the power to make a decision for the whole company is a great introduction to a flat organization. I was empowered to come up with anything and it was entirely up to me. That's great, that's easy ... or maybe not so easy. It took me the whole month to finally announce my decision at the next cake event.

My decision was:
Maker Labs for Vincit

Maker lab is a modern workshop where people can make their DIY Dreams come true. It's a place to create prototypes. You can experiment with various materials. Share your crazy ideas and unique solutions. And learn how to use fancy tools like a 3D printer or laser cutter.

The video was taken 126 days after my announcement in mid December 2017.
Why did it take so long to order the first piece of equipment? I gathered colleagues who might be interested in the topic as Advisors. Most of them are in the Slack channel mentioned in the video. Since the printer and cutter will need a proper space, we needed to find rooms with adequate infrastructure, such as strong air conditioning, for example. All in all, it was quite a journey with meetings on location, collecting equipment offerings, discussing security and more.

I learned a lot about the Maker culture and the company culture. The standard answer to my standard question (" Who is responsible for this or that? ") Was " No one, but you can ask such-and-such, she knows how to ...". This might sound like a Handicap, but it's not. The combination of freedom to choose your role and trust in your judgment and competence creates a high level of identification with your company.

By the way, this is how you pronounce Nuijapäätös: 'nuijːɑp-æːtøs (now you can shine in your Finnish course)

My next blog post will tell you more about how the Maker lab is shaping up.

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