What features are needed to be resilient?

Building resilience is not one singular task, but a continuous effort of development and  communication across silos and teams. Nor it is an activity carried out by specialists, but a holistic change throughout an organization demanding participation from employees. Cultivating good spirit and trust among people makes it easier to carry out effective and sometimes heavy decisions when quick change is needed in crisis situations.

The seven themes of our model comprises features needed to build up overall resilience. We have created six organizational types to define their specific strengths and areas of growth.

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themes of organisational resilience

What we offer

Here are some concrete suggestions on how to improve resilience in your organisation. Take the test to know which ones we suggest to you!


Accelerated service design

With accelerated service design, we adapt to your stressful situation with a process that identifies crisis impact on your business, drafts future scenarios and delivers new services MVP ready to be tested on the market.

We will help you with

  • Opening new frontiers. If services haven’t been challenged and/or constantly improved, your organisation might fall behind on innovation capacity. In accelerated service design we can improve current services or innovate new ones.
  • Adapting your services. In changing industry landscape, how quickly are you able to adapt your product/services?
  • Accelerated service design brings an agile process, which increases your adaptability.


New angles to familiar ideas

See new opportunities in your offer that you haven’t identified before.

Think holistically and embrace new ways of working

Accelerated service design brings an agile process, which creates more flexible ways of working. It embraces new disciplines to ensure the resilience of your service, such as planet centric design and systems thinking.

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To become resilient you need to accept the change.
To accept the change you need to understand.
To understand you need to listen.
So lets start asking.

We will help you with

  • Creating a radically people-oriented, agile and open management culture.
  • Understanding the competencies that are central to the continuity of the organization and support more individual competence development.
  • Learn from mistakes and create new ways of working with agile experiments.
  • To improve the communication culture: we encourage optimism and creativity as well as communication between silos.


A sustainable company for the future

Systematic development of resilience to change at different levels of the organization as part of strategy and increasing competitiveness.

When the worst happens

Support and tested operating models for change and crisis situations

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Takeover process for crisis situations

Our takeover process for crisis situations goes through all the steps we need to get to know your software so we can generate maximum value and guarantee their operation even in the midst of a crisis.

We will help you with

  • Taking over your organization's digital services we start working together to produce maximum value and secure their functions even in crisis situations.
  • Introduction to the system: together we’ll evaluate the needs of your organisation and make sure the process runs smoothly
  • Deep dive: Going deeper into roles and responsibilities to get the big picture.
  • Bringing in the delta force: creating a team of experts suitable for your organisation and working with agile methods together with organization.
  • Daily work: keeping things agile and transparent we’ll tackle challenges together.


Your digital product upgraded to stand the test of time

If your organization has digital products of it’s own they are usually strongly linked to revenue. We strive to ensure the continuity of services in crisis situations. We also do continuous minor development to ensure constant care of the software.

Deep systems knowledge and wide range of experts

We are professionals in recognising patterns and deep diving into your systems to make them stronger in time of crisis. We have the entire development knowledge of Vincit at our disposal to take your digital product to the next level – beyond surviving.

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Agile coaching

During a crisis situation digital environment and project management tools are essential.
Tools do not define how we work but are merely there to help achieve our goals.

We will help you with

  • Understanding the capabilities of your organisation has to pull through the project management model.
  • Adapting your management model through change to achieve the goals you have set for your organisation.


From complex problems to complicated and making complicated simple

Understanding the difference between chaos, complexity and complicated is the base of Cynefin model Cynefin model . Using this model to categorize problems we will get closer to understanding how to create good practises for our organisation.

Understanding these factors gives organizations a better chance to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Changing direction fast

Building agility inside organisation means constant learning and iteration. Exercising the adaptivity of processes and people will prepare the whole organization for quick changes in crisis.

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