"The focus is always on the customer"

In personnel services the scales have to be balanced: we need good applicants and corporate customers. We wanted to make them a first class electronic service that is tempting and easy to use.

We organized a large competitive tendering a couple of years ago when we were selecting a partner to realize our 2015 Internet service reform with. Vincit’s agility, references, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and reputation as a good place to work had us convinced. When also the price tag was suitable and the chemistry was right it was an easy choice.

Vincit’s principle of “making customers and employees more satisfied today” is not just fancy words, it actually shows in their everyday work. They believe in their own way of doing things, and truly act accordingly. The focus is always on the customer, and we mainly deal directly with customer-focused programmers, avoiding the broken telephone effect. They do not even have a traditional Excel project manager—instead, everyone working with us participates directly in our customer-focused further development.

Things are done in a transparent and efficient manner. VMP did not have previous experience of agile development. With Vincit we quickly got the hang of it, and now we have spread the positive sides of that business model to our other partnerships as well.

Vincit’s flexibility and wide range of skills has also been valuable to us. Together we have adjusted the size and consistency of the team to meet the needs of different phases in the development project. Vincit Group also had expertise in M-Files document management and electronic identification, which made it possible to effortlessly integrate them into other services—for example, in transferring pay slips into electronic form.

The focus is on the customer, also in the group photo taken in Tampere, Finland on November 11th on Red Nose Day. On that day VMP made a new Finnish Red Nose record by conducting altogether 2018 job interviews all over Finland. For each interview 10 euros were donated for the benefit of children of the world. That day marked for many applicants the start of their journey to becoming an employee in the Internet services realized by VMP and Vincit!

Johannes Setänen
Head of Customer Experience