"An outstanding software company."

Developed by Vincit, VertoLive is the cornerstone of our sales. It is an excellent example of how a traditional industrial company can change the conservative HVAC technology to meet the needs of the future. VertoLive is a continuously developing project. We seek to fulfill the novel needs of our customers.

Vincit has been extremely flexible in responding to our calls. Our ideas are never shot down immediately. Instead, Vincit first investigates the ways of implementing our wants. We have also been provided with tons of ideas on how the system and business can be developed further. Thanks to an idea presented by Vincit, the old telephone modems used in the 1st generation meters were replaced with reliable wireless connections.

Collaboration with the Vincitizens has been fun and straightforward. We have laughed and cracked jokes all the time. It’s no surprise that we recommend Vincit and have proudly presented our project to other companies as well.

Vincit is truly an outstanding software company.

Marko Paasu
Sales and Marketing Director