"More like a partner than a subcontractor"

In the technological dialog sessions that were held before the competitive tendering, Vincit gave us the impression of a curious and unpretentious company with tons of expertise. They were selected as the supplier, and from the very start, collaboration with them has been open, honest, flexible, and dialog-oriented. Our collaboration is characterized by mutual trust. Everything is discussed honestly, nothing is hidden. To us, Vincit feels more like a partner than a subcontractor. Our collaboration is based on dialog and mutual learning, which is extremely inspiring.

Moreover, we have stayed within the schedule and budget constraints. Even in difficult situations, discussions have been solution-oriented and positive. The team has been extremely responsible and flexible. The features implemented in the service were functional, they met our needs, and were received positively by our customers.

I have collaborated with many companies, and based on my experiences so far, I can heartily recommend Vincit. It is fun to work with a smart bunch of people.

Ari Kontiainen
Project Manager, Information Systems