"Pleasant people"

We didn’t have prior experience in agile development procedures. The operation model of Vincit complied fluently with our project’s needs. The working culture and tools have supported each other well.

Vincit committed the customers to the new project right from the start. They were interviewed and videotaped, a procedure which we found very effective: the clients have been enthusiastic and willing to switch to the new service as soon as possible.

I remember this one client especially who was very demanding and conservative. After trying out the trial version of the webstore, he wanted to start using it right away.

A couple of times we reached a dead end internally concerning our ways of presenting information. Every time Vincit came up with a quick and simple solution to our problems. In addition, Vincit has shot down couple of our obviously faulty plans, allowing us to see results quicker.

In the end I have to mention that Vincitizens are very pleasant people. Not once did we feel like we were working with strangers.

Mikko Koljander
Head of IT and Professional Services, Data-Info Oy