"Vincit has been a part of our success story"

In 2011, Hallman Inc. bought a property from Kuopio, Finland, which included a car wash facility. While I was pondering what to do with the car wash, I read an article of Vincit from Kauppalehti. The ideas of Mikko Kuitunen impressed me, so I grabbed the phone and arranged a meeting with him.

Together we started generating ideas about how we could renew the car wash industry that hadn’t changed in the past 50 years. We came up with a model where the customer receives unlimited washes for one monthly fee. Instead of codes or tokens, the car wash would use register plate recognition where the customer could just drive in the car wash.

We agreed on making a prototype to see if there was a demand for this type of service. After only two weeks from our meeting we had a working prototype in Kuopio where we could test the service and receive feedback. The feedback was positive, and we started to develop the production version.

At first, we tried to sell the service to Finnish car wash entrepreneurs, but the reception we received was poor. Because we fully believed in our product, we decided to establish our own Juhlapesu car wash chain. Now we have almost 30 car washes in Finland and our technology is being used in the United States, Australia and various countries in Europe.

All of the service’s technology is developed by Vincit. At first, we used a third party register plate recognition system, but it was soon replaced with Vincit’s own system. The car washes don’t have service booths at all because all the required actions are done by a mobile app. The app also allows you to purchase a monthly membership and check the waiting lines of each car wash.

Vincit has grown with us, and they have had expertise in all of our needs from operating the washing machine to picture recognition. Our goal is to be the largest car wash chain in the world, and also bring other vehicle related services to the market. Vincit has been a part of our success story, and will be in the future as well.

Erkki Aminoff
+32 495 4552 92