"A reliable partner"

In the end of 2014 we decided to establish a coworking space called M.O.W. in a property we owned. We chose Vincit to realize the information and communication technology services for the space. In addition, Vincit’s experts provide the professionals working on the site with solutions needed for efficiency and security at work, such as printing, PC-equipment, and local support. When needed we also receive insight for developing applications and online services, for example.

The cooperation has been going remarkably well, and this is especially personified in Juho Syrjänen from Vincit. He is a rock solid professional and radiates a spirit fitting for our concept: he is cheerful and eager to serve. We have not had any problems with infrastructure, either, and in a customer survey we received excellent grades.

We have no complaints at all about Vincit. To sum it up, we have a reliable partner.

Tiia-Maria Koivusaari
Account Manager