"Everything went very smoothly"

We decided to concentrate all of our IT-services to one provider because our previous model with several providers turned out to be rather difficult. We didn’t want our provider to be too big, and after calling for bids we chose Vincit as our partner.

Vincit’s broad experience on agile development is important for us, and they are also able to further develop our services in the future. And of course, the price played a part in the decision making.

The contract was made in July 2016, and the switchover was done in two parts. In December we switched our third party systems to Vincit and in January we switched our pension systems. Everything went very smoothly. January 9th, 2017 was the official entry day, and every payment for pensioners was wired on time.

Shooting location: Icebreaker Sisu, Arctia Oy

Marina Paulaharju
Administrative and communications manager

Kimmo Karppinen
Chief Actuary