"Finding a local engineering team with reliable senior talent that balances a relaxed attitude with a professional work ethic is not easy. Vincit fits that perfectly, with excellent work and a great attitude."

For over 15 years, Roadtrip Nation has made it their mission to help young professionals answer “What should I do with my life?”.

From video game designers to lawyers, sports journalists to STEM professionals, and everything in between, Roadtrip Nation has sought untold stories and shared them through engaging content, innovative products, and unique experiences. With a diverse set of products and services, Roadtrip Nation needed a technology partner that had a broad set of technical prowess, deep understanding of modern technologies, and a team that can scale instantly.

To support a college specific experience for Roadtrip Nation, Vincit developed a College Search web app for one of their properties, CollegeConfidential. The web app provides an advanced search tool to help students find a college based on a number of criteria including geography, major and test scores. It was vital for future scale to build a solid backend that aggregated college census data from multiple sources, and indexed them in an Elasticsearch service for blazing fast results that exceeded the expectations of today’s consumer.

The modern web app was engineered using React + Redux, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Elasticsearch.

Christopher Leake
Software Engineer Manager