"An excellent partner for online service development"

Chief Information Officer Petteri Miinalainen:

Oral chose Vincit as its partner to build the online booking system and other online services.

The amount of appointments sold through the online booking system has grown significantly, and collaboration has increased continuously. Currently Oral’s clients can inspect their dental health through an illustrative dental map and patient history. These are unique services even on a global level, and they improve customer satisfaction and commitment.

In the future we will expand our services so that we can involve our customers more and more in taking care of their own dental health. Simultaneously we enable an individual care pathway for each customer.

Cooperation with Vincit has been smooth and simple. Having a fixed team has been very important for continuous agile development.

Development manager Reetta Hulkkonen:

In the beginning of our cooperation I was new to tailored software development, and I had some doubts about how I would manage among IT developers. My doubts proved to be unfounded. People’s attitudes have been excellent and I have been able to plunge into interfaces and other technology during the project. Many thanks to Vincit for that.

There are few partners with whom cooperation is this easy, although our collaboration does go back several years. Our way of working is agile and flexible, and not everything has to be approved by management groups. Thanks to Slack, we manage without a constant flood of emails.

In addition, I appreciate their sense of responsibility – it feels like people from Vincit are developing their own service. They are smart as well, they very quickly catch on without us having to spell anything out to them.

Vincit is an excellent partner for challenging online service development.

Reetta Hulkkonen
Development Manager

Petteri Miinalainen