"I especially appreciate the flexibility of Vincit"

We created Metso Metrics -service with Vincit. The service enables remote monitoring of crushers and visualization of valuable information, such as production quantities and operation hours. Centralized data also helps increasing efficiency of the machines, anticipating maintenance needs and giving remote support.

People at Vincit understand that not everyone on the other side of the table are IT-professionals. The operation model is constructed to serve both parties.

The core team at our service was tight and professional and they concentrated fully on our project. We never had to be afraid of development slowing down because of some other project crashed.

I have especially appreciated the flexibility of Vincit. For example, in the middle of the project we faced a sudden need for a client demo. The whole team turned their focus on the demo momentarily and regular development of the service was continued after the demo was done.

The purpose of our excavation clients is to produce crushed stone from big rocks. Because everyone doesn’t own special IT-skills, our services need to be as simple as possible. This aspect of the project was definitely a success: our clients have praised us for the user friendliness of the system.

Janne Kytökari
Global Director, Monitoring and Control Technology