"Strong commitment"

The idea for Hesburger application was triggered by the new way of activating Hesburger Bonus Club members. Buying and pre-ordering from the restaurant have become the most popular facilities. The application has increased sales and also the average value of purchase. The application makes sharing of the bonus e-coupons really easy.

Hesburger application is in direct contact with Hesburger till system and the list of our Bonus Club clients. All sales initiated through the app go through our till system and that’s been a real advantage as we continue using the existing reporting and monitoring system. The app also includes wide analytics ensuring that all updates are based on measured data.

Hesburger is a family business and we consider Vincit as a suitably homey partner. We’ve been on the same wavelength from the very beginning.

Our choice of partner has proved to be spot-on and I therefore warmly recommend Vincit. I particularly appreciate their ability to commit themselves to finding solutions to customer’s problems. The people at Vincit understand our ideas and know how to develop those in the desired direction. Their commitment has been impressive.

Kristian Allén