"Human interaction is at the heart of business"

Fonecta offers leading digital marketing and sales solutions for Finnish companies. For several years now, Fonecta has engaged in wide-ranging collaboration with Vincit.

We have a long history of working closely together with Vincit on various software-development, integration, and cloud platform projects. Vincit has been a key actor in Fonecta’s digital transformation. Printed phone books have become a thing of the past and nowadays we provide solely electronic services.

Vincit’s reliability, flexibility, and high-level of commitment are one the most important reasons why we value Vincit as a partner. No matter how unusual the request, they always deliver. Working with Vincit in a multi-supplier environment is very straightforward.

Communicating with their experts has always been easy and direct, with a minimum of bureaucracy. Human interaction is at the heart of business - regardless of who signs your paycheck.

Tapio Lautanala
IT Manager

Ritva-Liisa Virtanen
Project Manager