"Vincit’s level of expertise is top-notch"

The struggles of using car parks are very real to many drivers. Parking tickets are often misplaced or damaged, queuing to ticket machines during rush-hours is nerve-wracking, and frozen car windows make it difficult to enter car parks during the winter.

Maintaining parking validation and payment machines is also costly and labor-intensive for parking operators. Parking tickets, for example, are anything but cheap to produce and mail.

Parking and parking machine operator Finnpark wanted to provide a higher quality user experience for their customers. They decided to develop a platform for parking services that is accessible to all operators nationwide.

For car owners, the most visible part of the collaboration is the Moovy mobile app. Moovy users are able to drive into most Finnpark car parks without having to open their window. Automatic license-plate recognition identifies cars as they drive in and out of the car park, gates open automatically and the parking fee is charged to the customer’s debit/credit card. In addition to car parks, Moovy can also be used for on-street parking.

We had heard good things about Vincit. Their comprehensive experience with mobile platforms was especially important to us.

Vincit’s level of expertise is top-notch and communicating with their experts is fantastically fluent. Furthermore, their approach is focused on the customer and their business needs instead of just placing emphasis on the technical features.

The feedback from drivers has been amazing. Users particularly appreciate how straightforward it is to start using the app. We wanted to invest in a user-friendly interface, and a system that is technically complex has been designed to feel simple and very easy to use.

Moovy already has more users than any earlier Finnpark service and our partners are eager to join in. Thanks to Moovy, Finnpark has maintained its position as a forerunner in its field.

Ali Lattunen
Moovy Team Leader