"I would recommend Vincit for many types of collaboration."

Working with Vincit, the atmosphere is open and confidential, and the approach is professional. The opportunity to cooperate with Vincit on a daily basis increases the efficiency of our project. We have also been able to make use of the expertise of Vincit employees from outside our project where necessary.

We value the opportunity to plan for the long term in our project, as we can rely on the members of the team being committed to our project now and in the future. We can be sure that lessons learned during the project will not be lost, but will stay with us and continue to drive our project forward.

We have also recommended Vincit to our partners. Since Vincit possesses several desired strengths, such as flexibility, agility, and an active way of advancing things, I would recommend Vincit for many types of collaboration.

Kimmo Vättö
Managing Director