"We are happy with the cooperation"

We needed to bring our payroll and personnel data system interface to the modern age, and at the same time enable location independent mobile use. We needed a partner who we could collaborate with in this technology transition.

We chose Vincit. Their technology expertise is broad, and the company’s size is convenient; they can scale their team size based on our needs. We also appreciated their strong know-how on service design.

We have been in every way satisfied with our liaison. Our first project with Vincit had a tight schedule, but together we managed to stick to it without cutting any corners.

Especially Vincit’s service design expertise has been impressive. Their experts have also played a big role with our customer interface; interviewed customers and justified their decisions. Their strong know-how can be seen in the end result. We have received loads of positive customer feedback on our usability.

People at Vincit always want to fully understand what the client wants, and dig information about it. They have a great talent in absorbing new information.

Marita Tolvanen

Ilkka Koskinen
Testing manager