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Vincit’s employees, the people, are one of the company’s biggest attraction points. It comes as no surprise, then, that paying attention to the onboarding process is a highly important part of our company culture. How do we ensure that our new employees are welcomed into the work community, and what is our onboarding process like during these times of remote work?

We at Vincit work towards achieving a world without any fear of tomorrow. The first day at your new job certainly shouldn’t be something you fear although it does often give you butterflies. We People professionals are often among the first ones to welcome a newcomer into our company. An important part of our work is making sure that our onboarding process prepares our ducklings for things that may affect them throughout their employment.

It’s often said that people may not remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel. The remote age we live in hasn’t changed this. Quite the contrary, it has highlighted the need to make our little duck pond as accessible as possible and emphasized our need to foster a sense of togetherness. Although being forced to communicate via computer screens presents its own set of challenges, at the end of the day, a warm and friendly welcome doesn’t require any special gimmicks. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and asking how someone is doing makes anyone feel warm and cozy even when the weather is cold.

No need to reinvent the onboarding wheel

Location-independent remote work increases the need for support, which is why we make sure we have frequent contact with our ducklings when they first start working for our company. At Vincit, each new employee gets their own People person, who helps and supports them throughout their employment, starting from their signing of the employment contract. Whether your first day in a company takes place at the office or remotely, knowing that things are going to work out and feeling welcome are always important.

This remote age has forced us to rethink certain things, but luckily we’ve found out that many of our established practices, such as our Newbie Trello, have adapted fairly easily to the circumstances. We had enabled the possibility for remote work long before the pandemic forced everyone to adopt new ways of working. In Trello, the virtual onboarding steps follow each other in a logical sequence and send our newbies things to read and do that will help them get acquainted with our company.

Supportive coworkers

It comes as no surprise that at first our new recruits may have a lot of questions. To help them get the answers they need, they can contact their “buddy”, a seasoned Vincit colleague who’ll be more than happy to help them or meet them for lunch – either virtually or in person. Finns are known to relax over a cup of coffee, which is why we organize various kinds of virtual coffee breaks and meet-and-greets for our new employees. They help our newcomers get to know their colleagues and offer much needed peer support. In addition, groups consisting of people who have started at the same time meet up regularly to discuss topical themes.

Vincit organizes virtual lunches, introductory brunches and a host of other activities that aim to develop the company culture. Our employees are free to choose the ones that interest them and suit their schedules. We’ve tried almost everything you can think of – we’ve organized online Pictionary tournaments, had a pub quiz and even taken our employees ice fishing.

Our desire for human connection is a fundamental need. That’s why a successful onboarding isn’t only about introducing a newcomer to the ways of the company but about creating contacts and links between people. Let’s keep on asking how everyone’s doing and let’s not forget about those coffee breaks. I for one love seeing the scarf of my own cell (aka business unit) decorating someone’s home office together with a Vincit mug.

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