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A service that will revolutionize leadership

Every employee has their own personal way to manage their work and everyday life, so it goes without saying that the need for external leadership is different for each employee.

In practice, this has led to a situation where we don’t even try to offer the same leadership solutions to every employee. Instead, we give everyone the opportunity to receive just the right leadership based on their personal needs, kind of a service for leadership.

In order to make managing one’s self as easy as possible, we developed Vincit LaaS. Vincit LaaS is an online service that helps people to manage themselves more easily and effortlessly than ever. It helps employees to set personal goals, and supports them in reaching the goals. The data gathered when using the service can be used to further develop the service.

Intelligent and developing Vincit LaaS is useful for the management, HR, as well as the employees of an organization. It offers employees the services that they really need. It takes away guessing, and helps people to concentrate on what’s essential.

Vincit’s management philosophy developed LaaS

Vincit LaaS was created when the management philosophy of Vincit needed concrete tools to support empowerment. The tool created for internal use aroused interest in other organizations and so we started to develop a tool that’s applicable for other organizations as well.

The users of the service continuously assess the quality of the offered services, which helps in recognizing the services that bring the biggest value for employees. Every employee receives a personal login ID to the service, which can be connected to existing login systems.

The service is introduced after initial assessment and service design. The service is always tailored based on the organization’s needs. The introduction is always done by experts with knowledge of the tool and the leadership model of Vincit.

After the introduction Vincit LaaS is further developed based on the feedback from the client.

We’re looking for clients

Vincit LaaS was originally developed for Vincit’s own needs, but the tool can be used in all kinds of organizations – not limited to IT organizations, but in every expert- and production organizations. Right now, the tool is being used by over ten divergent organizations.

Did this arouse your interest? Could your organization be our next partner?

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LaaS-concept, leadership services
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