At Vincit, we have decided to aim for a world without fear for tomorrow. As a company, we believe that it is best to start with our employees, clients and owners. But it all starts with the clients. We have to stay relevant to their business. To make this possible, Vincit focuses on tackling these three fears that appear universal to our clients, no matter where they are based:


  1.     Changes in consumer behavior
    Consumers are changing their behavior quickly and making increasingly value-based choices. Climate change and its prevention is one of the most obvious emergent trends in decision-making. It will shape the global economy radically in the future. We help our clients stay relevant to their customers by creating sustainable services and products that will still exist and be relevant in the future.


  1.     Transformation of working life
    The pressures of work are growing, and people are increasingly stressed about their work-life balance. Employment relationships are becoming shorter and more project-oriented. People can work for many employers through different platforms and ecosystems. In this world, employees need to understand and manage themselves and other people better. Vincit’s proprietary and popular Leadership as a Service model, comprising an LaaS tool and consultancy services built around it, will be our spearhead in helping our clients respond to the transformation of work.


  1.     Rapidly changing business environment.
    Digitalization, AI and machine learning are forcing companies to rethink their business models, organizational structures, strategies and processes. Service and business models are in a state of constant change. We help our customers disrupt their business environments before someone else will.




Vincit’s own operating environment is also being disrupted at a rapid pace. It would be arrogant to think ourselves above fear. Radical transformations in our clients’ business and work, along with changing consumer behaviors are reflected in our business too - every single day. That’s why we need to work hard for our own business as well. We have summarized our strategic development projects under three main themes:


Strengthening our core - we work profitably

Our current core businesses of software development and UX/UI design are everything to our business. In these areas, we will continue focusing on the themes of expedient, strongly client-oriented and meaningful work . We are developing our core business towards greater profitability as follows:

  • Our work will be steered by the strategy to a greater extent: we will build an organization based on our goals and achieving them, with a clear division of duties, efficient information flow and straightforward decision-making.
  • We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients by transferring operative responsibility and decision-making to those working in close contact with our clients.
  • We will make major investments in the professional development of our staff through Univincity, our own orientation and training unit.


Growth without chaos - we will develop and scale new business

We are actively looking for new types of business capable of providing our clients with significant added value. With a broader service offering, we will be able to offer a more comprehensive value proposition, covering the entire digital value chain, to our clients within the year. Development is underway in the following areas:


  • We have made investments in the operations of our management consulting unit Redcell: On the basis of feedback, Redcell’s projects have generated measurable added value for our clients in the current and past years.
  • Our design offering has evolved quickly: we have acquired new competencies through the recruitment of a number of key individuals and developed services that will be implemented with clients this year.
  • Our data-driven business and AI competencies have increased with new recruitments, and we are actively developing our offering in these fields.
  • We have improved our software lifecycle management and small-scale development offering even further, and the productized services will be launched in the next few months.


Be globally relevant - together with our clients

Our investments in our operations and development of our service offering are aimed at making use an even more relevant partner for our clients. Our extensive expertise, comprehensive service offering and clear operating model give Vincit a strong foundation for forming long-term strategic partnerships, also on the global markets. Vincit has focused on the following areas:


  • We have identified and specified the companies that share our global ambitions, and will invest even more in cooperation and long-term partnerships with these businesses.
  • We are shifting from a technology-driven operating model to a value generation model, in which the business objectives of our clients determine the measures we take, and the results of those measures steer our strategic role in the business of our clients.
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