CEO’s greetings

Good morning!

That’s the new motto of Vincit. We work every day to make tomorrow that little bit better for our employees, clients and owners. But it all starts with the clients. We have to stay relevant to their business.

We need to keep our eyes and ears open for their everyday needs. But that won’t cut it alone.

The world is changing more and more radically, and not just for the better. The changes have caused uncertainty and fear, which is being reflected on individuals, work and business everywhere in the world, and this situation is not going away anytime in the near future.

Businesses are slowly waking up to global phenomena such as climate change, aging populations and digitalization. The business impacts are obvious, but we have seen regrettably little in the way of anticipation or prevention as of yet.

Many companies are at risk of becoming irrelevant to their own customers, who are making strong choices based on ethics and values. At the same time, the transformation of working life is threatening to rob companies of their resources if they cannot secure competent labor or provide the right kind of environment to facilitate work. Not to mention the fact that the digitalized and ultra-volatile business environment has already toppled thousands of successful organizations and is threatening millions more.

These are the fears that we tackle with our customers every day – to one day wake up to a world in which tomorrow is no longer terrifying.

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