Executive Team

The Board of Directors appoints the CEO of the company. The CEO manages and develops the company’s business and is responsible for operative governance in accordance with the instructions given by the Board of Directors. The CEO makes proposals and reports to the Board. The CEO manages the company’s day-to-day affairs in accordance with the orders issued by the Board and is responsible for the legality of the company’s accounts and reliable arrangement of its asset management.

Composition of the Company's Executive Team


Mikko Kuitunen

Mikko Kuitunen, CEO (b. 1980)

Mikko is a Master of Science in industrial engineering. He served as CEO of Vincit from the company’s founding in 2007 until the end of 2015, and returned to the post on June 1, 2018. Before Vincit was founded, Mikko served in various business development positions in Ionific Oy, Botnia Hightech Oy and Sasken Finland Oy in 2004–2007. He is also an active Board member of several companies. Mikko has also worked as CEO of Amor & Labor Oy, which was founded in connection with Vincit’s split.

Total shareholding: directly 1 302 141 shares and indirectly 433 000 shares through Cloudberry Capital Oy


Jarkko Järvenpää, Sales Director (b. 1981)

Jarkko is a Master of Science in industrial engineering. He has worked as Vincit’s Sales Director since 2008. Before Vincit, Jarkko served in various business development positions in Ionific Oy, Botnia Hightech Oy and Sasken Finland Oy in 2005–2008.

Total shareholding: 212 357 shares


Lasse Lunden, CSO (b. 1981)

Lasse has been acting as Vincit’s Service Director since 2017, and as Vincit’s Chief Strategy Officer since 2019. Before joining Vincit, Lasse has worked in a wide range of roles in the IT sector for, e.g., Vaisala, Stockmann, and Holvi Payment Services for a total of 15 years.

Total shareholding: 3 000 shares


Johanna Pystynen, Head of Leadership development (b. 1984)

Johanna has a Masters degree in educational sciences. She has been Head of HR at Vincit Oy since 2012. Johanna led Vincit to the positions of best workplace in Finland in 2014–2016 and best workplace in Europe in 2016 (Great Place to Work). In 2015, she was awarded the international Workforce Game Changers 2015 leadership award. Before joining Vincit, Pystynen worked as an HR specialist in Cybercom Group and Cybercom Finland Oy in 2009–2012. Prior to her time at Cybercom, Pystynen worked in HR administration outsourcing duties in Manpower Oy and in the HR administration of Pilkington Automotive and Pd Personnel Development Oy.

Total shareholding: 21 600 shares


Saana Rossi, Chief People & Success Officer (b. 1985)

Saana joined Vincit in 2016 and has been acting as Director of Employee Success since 2020. From 2016 to 2019, she was responsible for Vincit’s recruitment and employer branding. In 2018, Saana was the first person to be awarded the Recruiter of the Year prize in Finland. Saana has a Master’s degree in Social Sciences and a broad background in demanding roles at, e.g., Psycon and Nanso, focusing on recruitment, HR, and internal communications development.

Total shareholding: 4 136 shares


Marko Tarkiainen, COO (b. 1968)

Marko has a vast and versatile educational background in marketing and business administration, having studied both in Finland and abroad. Marko is also a Certified Board Member (CBM) in Finland. Marko has been acting as the Chief Operating Officer at Vincit since 2019. Marko joined Vincit after acting as the Managing Director for 3 Step IT since 2016. Earlier, Marko has had an extensive international career. His past positions include, e.g., General Manager (VP) in the EMEA region at HP Inc., and General Manager of Enterprise Sales in EMEA at Lexmark Inc., positioned in Schwitzerland.

Total shareholding: 7 000 shares


Niklas Wasenius, CFO (b. 1975)

Niklas, BBA and EMBA, has been CFO of Vincit since 2018. Prior to joining Vincit, Niklas served in managerial positions in financial administration at Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj, Sponda Oyj and Ixonos Oyj (current Digitalist Group Oyj) in 2003–2018, and as auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy in 2000–2003.

Total shareholding: 13 100 shares

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