Extraordinary General Meeting 2022

Vincit Plc's Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 12:00 am at Visiokatu 1, 33720 Tampere. The reception of those who have registered for the meeting and the distribution of voting tickets will begin at 11:00.

Practical instructions related to the coronavirus in connection with the Extraordinary General Meeting

To limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vincit will take some precautions to ensure that the Extraordinary General Meeting is held as planned and to ensure the safety of the Company's shareholders and personnel. At the meeting place, participants can clean their hands, and the cleaning of the meeting rooms has been intensified. Attendees are encouraged to use a face mask and wash their hands upon entering the meeting room. They are reminded to keep a sufficient distance from other attendees, company representatives, and meeting officers.

Follow the meeting via live webcast

To reduce the risk of infection, shareholders are asked to consider the possibility of watching the meeting via live webcast instead of being present. However, a shareholder following a meeting via webcast is not considered attending the Extraordinary General Meeting and cannot speak or vote through it. To exercise their voting rights, a shareholder has the opportunity to authorize a person of their choice to represent themselves and to exercise voting rights at a meeting or, the opportunity to use a proxy service provided by the Company.

The Extraordinary General Meeting can also be followed remotely. You can watch the webcast from https://youtu.be/lokqa8HOUrs.

Issuance of a power of attorney

To exercise their voting right, a shareholder has the opportunity to authorize the person they wish to represent themselves and to exercise their voting right at the meeting. To minimize the number of persons present at the meeting, we recommend that you use the opportunity to authorize attorney Anna Rautioaho from Applex Attorneys at Law Ltd, or a person appointed by her, to act as their proxy representative and to exercise their voting rights. A shareholder must have registered for the Extraordinary General Meeting to use the proxy service.

Proxies, if any, are requested to be submitted as a PDF email to
ylimaarainenyhtiokokous2022@vincit.fi or by mail to Vincit Plc, Extraordinary General Meeting, Visiokatu 1, 33720 Tampere, no later than April 14, 2022. For more information on the use of the power of attorney, please get in touch with the Company's CFO at niklas.wasenius@vincit.fi.

Valtakirjapohja yhtiökokoukseen (PDF)
Valtakirjapohja yhtiökokoukseen (docx)

Posing questions before the Extraordinary General Meeting

Shareholders may ask questions about the items on the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting and from the pre-material until April 14, 2022. Questions can be emailed to ylimaarainenyhtiokokous2022@vincit.fi.

Link to registration

Notice of attendance to the extraordinary general meeting

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