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When people encounter a problem, they look to Google and social media for solutions. Many companies, however, offer solutions to problems through mobile apps instead. But how do you smoothly direct users from your website or social media platform to a solution on your mobile app? Deep linking allows for a seamless and logical customer journey from assorted channels to your mobile app. In this blog, I’ll use a customer case to explain the deep linking function: how it works and how it can benefit your company.


Today, companies communicate with their customers through many different channels. The purpose of this communication isn’t just a friendly chat – rather, these connections are part of the customer journey, with the intended destination of an increase in your business. You need to be able to guide potential customers to the solution you offer as smoothly as possible, no matter what the original channel of connection.

When your company’s service is available on a mobile app, deep linking makes a customer journey seamless and logical. Read on to see how deep linking directly benefits our client SecondTie

Customer profile: SecondTie – connecting to experts through a mobile app

How often, both at home and at work, could you easily solve a problem if you only had a little expert advice? These problems come in all shapes and sizes: Is the cut on my finger infected, or can I just clean it and apply a bandage? Do I need a prenup, or should I just start writing my will? How does Brexit affect my business?
SecondTie created a platform economy solution to these problems by bringing experts together with the people who need their advice. Their objective was to ensure customers could find solutions using the communication channels that the experts were already using.

How does deep linking enable a seamless customer journey??

Tie is a mobile app by SecondTie that allows customers to contact an expert through audio or video call. But is a mobile app the first thing most people think of when they need help? Probably not. This is where deep linking comes in.

From the user perspective, a deep link is no different than any other link. You’ve probably used deep links without even noticing while browsing websites with embedded social media content. Clicking the embedded content in your mobile browser activates the deep link. Deep links don’t take you to another website – instead, they open the app installed on your mobile device, which then shows you the desired content. When the app opens to display the content, the rest of the app’s functions also become available.

How deep linking works in Tie:

  1. An entrepreneur adds their own service card in Tie, such as veterinary consulting or a consulting service for adjusting heat pumps.
  2. In the channels they normally use for customer communication, they add a deep link that leads to the service card. The entrepreneur can add the link to any website or social media site where customers are likely to find them. The entrepreneur can also add a deep link to their email signature, ensuring customers who have communicated with them via email have easy access to it.
  3. The customer can access the entrepreneur’s service on Tie through any channel where the entrepreneur has a presence.
  4. The customer can start a call with the entrepreneur via the service card.

Deep links also work in non-digital communication channels. Because the deep link behaves like a normal link, it can also be presented in the form of a QR code on the side of a product or printed in an advertisement. This means more ways to reach your customers.

Technology supports business and customer relationships

Good service design considers the needs and perspectives of every user group. Through deep links, customers can easily access a mobile service when they need it. And deep linking gives companies the opportunity to strengthen their brand.

Deep linking is an example of technical solution that supports logical and seamless customer journeys and generates great customer experiences. By using deep linking, and other technical solutions like it, we can bring digital services to consumers with ease, where and when they need them.

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