UMA Workspace is a unique combination of services and coworking spaces, offering modern workspace solutions for companies. We joined UMA in creating a digital service for their customers and employees. In 2020, UMA Workspace has grown from one workspace to eleven and into an international service.


Digital solutions to elevate the whole business

Ever fewer jobs require constant presence at the office during fixed working hours. In the past years, there has been more and more demand for workspaces that offer flexibility and diverse services at great locations. For many, the possibility to work in a private mini-office or together with an open working community is a very high priority.

Workspace expert Technopolis wanted to meet this growing need by developing a completely new coworking concept, UMA Workspace, that would provide companies of all sizes with modern workspace solutions. The goal was to bring the digital UMA experience to the same level as the physical one while enhancing the quality and efficiency of their customer service. The development work was also based on the idea of a platform-like operations model that would enable a seamless service experience for the services offered by Technopolis and their stakeholders.

What we did

A winning customer experience

Back when our cooperation began in 2017, the UMA Workspace concept only consisted of one workspace in the center of Helsinki, and Technopolis did not yet have any digital tools for their staff or customers.

We started the project by implementing the most critical features for the service first, such as the mobile order pathways and booking systems for meeting rooms. During the implementation phase, we carried out user and employee interviews, and the data gathered from this background study was the guiding foundation for the content of the website and mobile application. All the crucial elements of UMA’s daily operations were lifted to the website’s landing page, and this helped the employees to step away from their notebooks and excels and make more time for effective customer relations. We strove to utilize Technopolis’ existing IT infrastructure and found ways to compromise between premade solutions and custom software development.


From a domestic actor to an international success

Technopolis currently has 11 UMA Workspaces in total, and the reception has been great. The new functional and practical digital tools have helped UMA to scale with ease and grow internationally. In addition to Helsinki, UMA Workspaces can now be found from Espoo, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Estonia, and Lithuania. The cooperation between Vincit and Technopolis continues, and we have also taken on the development and maintenance of the UMA website.


UMA Workspace

UMA Workspace is a coworking space network owned by Technopolis. UMA offers shared workspace and service solutions for companies of all sizes. Their locations are based in business districts within the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, and their customers have access to all the locations with one membership agreement.

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