Tommy’s Express car wash chain has quickly risen into one of the fastest growing franchising businesses in the United States. Thanks to a new digital solution, member registration takes only 45 seconds to complete. Both members and entrepreneurs praise the convenience and reliability of the system.

The future-proof franchising solution for smoother car wash

As Tommy’s Car Wash Systems began building its franchising chain in the middle of 2010’s, the cars arriving to the washing station were typically recognized by scanning the RFID sticker in the window. As this technology required member registration on the spot, both customers and the car wash personnel found it inconvenient and challenging.

Tommy’s Express wanted to simplify the process to be able to guarantee the best possible customer experience. The main emphasis was put on technological development, with the ultimate target to create a steady, scalable technology that would support the franchising chain in its quest for fast growth.

A simplified franchising solution providing the best possible customer experience

A simple, smooth customer experience is at the core of business success at Tommy’s Express. Now, the car and customer are recognized by automatically reading the license plate; this means that the member can both register and control the membership remotely, using advanced digital tools. The member can choose either a single wash or an endless amount of them, valid at any Tommy’s Express in the United States. While registration at a car wash using RFID technology can take up to one day, Tommy’s Express handles it in mere 45 seconds.

The Manager application enables managing the amounts of chemicals, guarantee requests, purchase orders and other expenses. It also provides valuable analytics about customer behavior and gives the entrepreneurs a clear overview on every unit’s turnover and financial results.

Vincit has guided and supported the software development process and provided expert opinions since the very beginning. Vincit played a significant role at the starting phase of Tommy’s Express: the agile, solution-oriented approach has resulted in a long-term companionship.

Todd Stoel
Senior Manager of Software Development

Tommy’s Express

“Vincit can provide the best possible expertise and technological knowledge to any project. They recognize the evolving business needs well, and their experts are good in adjusting their resources and processes according to these requirements.”

Growing customer amounts, happy entrepreneurs

Car wash platforms are often criticized for unreliable systems and missing features. Tommy’s Express has succeeded in resolving the problems that conventional chains are still battling. Both the members and franchisees compliment the chain’s convenience and reliability.

Vincit has helped Tommy’s Express to raise into one of the fastest growing franchising chains in the United States, with the number of members already boasting several hundreds of thousands. The secret ingredients of this long-lasting companionship include common, long gathered knowledge, efficient working practices and software that is most scalable and future-proof.

The client

Tommy's Express

Tommy’s Express is a leading supplier of modern, automatic car washing technology and equipment in the United States. The franchising operations are based on license plate recognition, limitless membership, and the best possible customer experience. The chain currently features 66 stations around the country, with plans to soon open eight new ones.

Andrew VanWylen
VP of Engineering and Operations

Tommy’s Express

“Vincit possesses excellent knowhow, and compliments that with an uncanny ability to quickly put together a software development team that fully responds to the respective needs. In all our needs for software expertise, Vincit has proven to be an excellent partner. We will continue to lean on their support in the future as well.”

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