Vincit’s Data Sea team joined forces with the John Nurminen Foundation in analyzing their Baltic Sea Footprint campaign. Through analytics, we uncovered important data for the foundation to use in their decision-making and work on protecting the Baltic Sea.


Allocating summer campaign resources

The John Nurminen Foundation regularly organizes campaigns to collect donations for funding their work on protecting the Baltic Sea and its heritage. The theme for the summer 2019 campaign was to calculate Baltic Sea footprints. The foundation was interested in gaining insight into the campaign’s donation behavior. Private donations play a crucial part in securing the foundation’s operations.


Combining data and analytics

Combining different data sources, Vincit’s team studied, for example, website traffic and visitor behavior, algae conditions on beaches, media exposure, and incoming donation sums. We analyzed the success of the campaign and the factors that may affect donation behavior.

Together with a report of their compiled findings, our Data Sea team also presented the John Nurminen Foundation with ideas for further development they came up with during the project.


More effective action for the baltic sea through analytics

Using data analytics, we provided the John Nurminen Foundation with insight into donation behavior that can be used to benefit decision-making and future donation campaigns. Concrete projects are the cornerstones of the foundation’s impressive work on protecting the nature and heritage of the Baltic Sea. The findings discovered through data analytics help the John Nurminen Foundation to use their communications resources more effectively and guarantee the continuity of incoming donations. 

This pro bono project was carried out during June-August 2019. Vincit’s Data Sea team consisted of data analytics and communications summer trainees.

The work done by the Data Sea team was very valuable for the foundation’s Baltic Sea work. This project helped us discover new ways of utilizing all the available data and encouraged us to take a more analytical look at our operations. This new data helps us to level up our efforts for saving the Baltic Sea.

Tuula Putkinen Communications Director / John Nurminen Foundation

John Nurminen Foundation


John Nurminen Foundation is a Finnish foundation, established in 1992, and on a mission to protect the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.

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