Ikaalinen Travel is a leading travel agency in Finland. The company chose Vincit as their partner in renewing their enterprise resource planning system and modernizing their web store. The overhaul of the ERP system was a success, increasing the company’s operational efficiency significantly. At the same time, their online sales grew by 220%.

Increase in e-commerce sales
Increase in average sales
Company’s growth


Tailored travels to your taste

Tourism is one of the industries most profoundly disrupted by digitalization. Travel sales have shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to online channels, and the competition over customers is fierce. Companies determined to keep up with the profuse changes in their business environment must develop more agile operational methods to increase their business efficiency. This is what Ikaalinen Travel set out to do, as their collaboration with Vincit began in 2014.

The ERP system they were using did not provide enough business-relevant data or process transparency. The goal of the digital renewals was to promote both business efficiency and sales. Ikaalinen Travel was also interested in offering its customers more freedom and opportunities to tailor trips in the web store.


Implementation built on extensive data

The renewal of the ERP system started with designing a new business model and logic. And to do that, we first analyzed the previous models. This helped us to assess what type of web service could best meet customers’ vacation needs and how to implement that. Concurrently, the Ikaalinen Travel web store underwent a redesign, giving it a more customer-oriented look, feel, and flow.

The founding principle of the web service renewal was to allow for all future operations to be based on optimization, analytics, A/B testing, and agile trial-based working methods. All these elements ensure that data can be measured with the utmost precision and used to make quick changes and improvements in the sales funnel.

The cooperation between Vincit and Ikaalinen Travel was agile from the start, and despite the large-scale of the project, Vincit’s experts delivered desired results on schedule.


Leading the tourism industry

Ikaalinen Travel is a whopping success story of a company able to grow into one of the most flourishing travel agencies in Finland at a time of great turbulence in both consumer behavior and their domain.

The redeveloped ERP system allowed for wide-scale automation and for the most crucial sections of the company’s business to be molded seamlessly together. Traffic in the web store has also increased in huge volumes, and Ikaalinen Travel has received a lot of positive feedback for the site’s user-friendliness from consumers. The excellent results of this collaboration tell a story of triumph in a tough environment: despite the highly competitive market, Ikaalinen Travel has been able to grow by 15% per year.

 The winning cooperation between Vincit and Ikaalinen Travel continues with the further development of the online store and ERP system. Vincit is also implementing new system integrations to boost sales further.

The transparent culture at Vincit inspires great confidence. Working with them feels like a true partnership. Whenever people asking for my recommendation have contacted me, I have not thought twice about my answer. I can recommend Vincit wholeheartedly!

Esa Talonen CEO / Ikaalinen Travel


Ikaalinen Travel

Ikaalinen Travel is a family-owned Finnish company taking over 125.000 Finns abroad for a holiday each year. With a turnover of €18.6 m (2018), the company employes close to 40 people.

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