On the Hierarchy of Product Needs, or, Semi-Philosophical Musings on How to Prioritize Product Development

27.1.2016 0

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist best known for developing the theory of hierarchy of needs, often referred to simply as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The theory suggests that human needs form a prepotent hierarchy: needs that are lower in Read more

Objection.js + PostgreSQL: by the power of JSON queries

Schemaless development is one popular reason why people use MongoDB (e.g. for fast prototyping). Now one can do that with PostgreSQL with transaction support. Not saying that “MongoDB is dead” though 😉 Lue lisää

Effortless eager loading and nested inserts with objection.js

25.11.2015 6

A while back I wrote an introductory post about objection.js, the ORM I created for Node.js (it was called Moron.js back then). Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into its features. In this post, I will introduce the Read more

Rapid prototyping for Virtual Reality, getting started

I volunteered to play around with a Samsung GearVR that found its way to our offices. The GearVR itself is a headset that houses a Samsung Galaxy S6 that is used as the rendering device and the display. GearVR uses Read more

How we use Jenkins for iOS CI

2.10.2015 6

CI for iOS and mobile development in general has been a tricky business until recently. During the last couple of years some excellent services and libraries have been launched to make it a lot easier. When I started investigating what Read more

Standardizing project delivery without sacrificing flexibility – introducing Vincit Project Flow

5.8.2015 6

People working in big corporations are used to very specific project delivery models. Often the model consists of tens of Powerpoint slides filled with milestones, gates, steering groups and whatnot. It’s not uncommon that the model is only understood by a handful Read more

Introducing moron.js – a new ORM for Node.js

A couple of weeks ago I released moron.js – the first public version of a new ORM for Node.js that Vincit has been using internally in various projects during the last year and a half. I started writing my own Read more