Juha Riippi:

Overview of Mobile Development Frameworks in 2019

4.3.2019 0

This is part of a sort of series of blog posts that I’ve been writing in the last six years. These blog posts are about mobile development technologies. I don’t go really deep into the technical details, but rather provide Read more

Native, hybrid and HTML5 – three years later

7.4.2016 6

Back in 2013 I wrote a blog post (sorry, in Finnish only) about the different ways to implement a mobile application. The major options of app development have remained pretty much the same since then. They were and still are: Read more

SXSW – a Week of Crazy

22.3.2016 0

SXSW (spelled South-By-Southwest) is more like a festival than a traditional expo. It figures, as it has its roots as a film and music festival. SXSW consists of three main parts: Interactive, Music and Film. I was in for the Read more

Three tips on using Trello in agile SW project management

2.3.2016 1

A good project management tool should fill at least these requirements: Help visualise the work – how much are we working on, how much work is not started and how much is done? Adapt to your process, not the other Read more

How we use Jenkins for iOS CI

2.10.2015 6

CI for iOS and mobile development in general has been a tricky business until recently. During the last couple of years some excellent services and libraries have been launched to make it a lot easier. When I started investigating what Read more