Voice Control Generates New Business

7.5.2019 1

In recent years, speech recognition technology has advanced at great speed and it’s no wonder. It makes our lives easier and more fluent in many ways. Voice-controlled devices free us from typing, swiping and pushing buttons. Many of us have Read more

Planet Centric Design – The Only Way Forward

At some point in the 1920’s, Mahatma Gandhi quoted a sentence that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. Those words were always in the back of my mind as a designer, but in the last few Read more

Overview of Mobile Development Frameworks in 2019

4.3.2019 0

This is part of a sort of series of blog posts that I’ve been writing in the last six years. These blog posts are about mobile development technologies. I don’t go really deep into the technical details, but rather provide Read more

Unit testing RxSwift application

19.11.2018 1

Unit testing RxSwift apps is the topic I want to talk about today. This is the last part of my series ‘How to use RxSwift with MVVM’, where we have learned to use RxSwift by implementing the Friends application. The Read more

Virtual Sales Gong

1.11.2018 1

Back in the day, when all our employees fit in one office, we had a dinner bell hanging on the wall. Whenever we won a new deal, someone walked by the bell and rang it to celebrate success. Since then, Read more

How to use RxSwift with MVVM pattern – Part 2

30.10.2018 0

This is the second post in the ‘How to use RxSwift with MVVM’ series. In the first part, we set up RxSwift from Cocoapods and checked how to use Variable, Observable and PublishSubject. This time we will create a view that Read more

How to use RxSwift with MVVM pattern – Part 1

23.10.2018 0

This article is all about how to use RxSwift with MVVM. RxSwift has been a hot topic in the swift community for a few years now, but somehow I’ve managed to avoid it. It took me a while to switch Read more

Fixing YAML for Fun

20.9.2018 0

One of the nicest parts of working as a consultant developer is that I get to help solve other people’s problems, and that I get paid decently well to do so. This means that I spend my days solving mostly Read more

Orchestrating Evolution

14.9.2018 Emma Ylivainio & 0

Design system is a term that is quickly becoming widespread within our industry. Generally, a design system can be defined as a set of shared, integrated patterns and principles, which define the overall design of a product. In reality, there Read more

The Gavel of the Month

One of the company’s routines is the monthly cake event. An all the hands meeting to share the latest news and cake with the colleagues. My first cake event was not without consequences for me. Lue lisää