Virtual Sales Gong

1.11.2018 0

Back in the day, when all our employees fit in one office, we had a dinner bell hanging on the wall. Whenever we won a new deal, someone walked by the bell and rang it to celebrate success. Since then, Read more

The Gavel of the Month

One of the company’s routines is the monthly cake event. An all the hands meeting to share the latest news and cake with the colleagues. My first cake event was not without consequences for me. Lue lisää

Code monkey in defence of good design work and tight cross-disciplinary collaboration

What do designers actually do? There often is quite a bit of confusion about what “UX designers” and “service designers” actually do in a software project. A common misconception is that they mostly just design the pretty visuals and draw Read more

How we stream events at Vincit

5.10.2017 0

Vincit was founded in Tampere in 2007 but it has since expanded to Helsinki, Turku and all the way to California. Every month we have an internal meeting where we go through what has happened during the previous month. It Read more

Sprint is in the air!

8.5.2017 & Laura Toimela 0

It was to be business as usual, just another kick off for a software project. The day started early as we commuted to a regional city to meet our client for the first time. It was obvious from the very Read more

There’s a lot I didn’t know about Tokyo

try! Swift is a conference I attended a while ago, held in Tokyo Japan for a second time now. From the name you probably already guessed that it’s about Swift language, which is mostly used for developing applications for Apple Read more

Distributed review of documents using Trello

11.10.2016 1

With the initial public offering we released a marketing brochure. This 24 page booklet was made by 24 people from 4 different companies in 2 different cities. The schedule was extremely tight and the brochure had to be error-free. From the Read more

Vincit Helsinki: Dreams, Growth, Stocks and Co-Op

20.4.2016 0

Back in 2014 there was a dream. It was a dream to have a stronghold for Vincit in capital region. This dream coincides well with the parent company CEO’s statement back in February 2014; “I Don’t see a reason, why Vincit Read more

SXSW – a Week of Crazy

22.3.2016 0

SXSW (spelled South-By-Southwest) is more like a festival than a traditional expo. It figures, as it has its roots as a film and music festival. SXSW consists of three main parts: Interactive, Music and Film. I was in for the Read more

Three tips on using Trello in agile SW project management

2.3.2016 1

A good project management tool should fill at least these requirements: Help visualise the work – how much are we working on, how much work is not started and how much is done? Adapt to your process, not the other Read more