Voice Control Generates New Business

7.5.2019 1

In recent years, speech recognition technology has advanced at great speed and it’s no wonder. It makes our lives easier and more fluent in many ways. Voice-controlled devices free us from typing, swiping and pushing buttons. Many of us have Read more

Planet Centric Design – The Only Way Forward

At some point in the 1920’s, Mahatma Gandhi quoted a sentence that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. Those words were always in the back of my mind as a designer, but in the last few Read more

Orchestrating Evolution

14.9.2018 Emma Ylivainio & 0

Design system is a term that is quickly becoming widespread within our industry. Generally, a design system can be defined as a set of shared, integrated patterns and principles, which define the overall design of a product. In reality, there Read more

Suck less: A quick introduction to accessibility

9.4.2018 3

Ever made an app that is impossible to use? There’s a chance you have. Technology users are a diverse bunch, which means that some of your users are using your app much differently than you WOULD EXPECT. That’s where accessibility Read more

Code monkey in defence of good design work and tight cross-disciplinary collaboration

What do designers actually do? There often is quite a bit of confusion about what “UX designers” and “service designers” actually do in a software project. A common misconception is that they mostly just design the pretty visuals and draw Read more