How we stream events at Vincit

5.10.2017 0

Vincit was founded in Tampere in 2007 but it has since expanded to Helsinki, Turku and all the way to California. Every month we have an internal meeting where we go through what has happened during the previous month. It Lue lisää

Ura päin metsiä

14.9.2017 0

Reipas kädenpuristus, hymy. Takaisin seisomaan hymyilevään rivistöön. Kippis, skål! Takaisin istumaan ja kuuntelemaan pitkää litaniaa nimiä, opintolinjoja, meriittejä, valmistumisvauhteja. Aulassa viineriä ja kahvia, parit valokuvat ja lisää hymyjä. Oli joulukuu 2015. Valmistuin oivallisesti diplomi-insinööriksi 8,5 vuoden opiskelun jälkeen. ”Vihdoin, hienoa! Lue lisää

Empty Promises and Other Heresy

30.8.2017 3

My name is Toni and I’m a programmer I wrote my first choose-your-own-adventure game when I was eight years old. I had learned to instruct my trusty C64 to wait for input, process the input, print output, rinse and repeat. Lue lisää

Software development 450 words per minute

“Something’s a little bit off here.” That’s what I predict your first thought to be upon seeing my cubicle for the first time. There’s no screen or mouse in sight. Instead there’s a guy hammering away on a keyboard, staring Lue lisää

The First Year of Vincit California

23.8.2017 2

It’s Monday August 21, 2017. Fifteen developers and designers  are creating solutions for our ten US based clients at Vincit California’s office. The designers are currently reviewing the work of our extended team in Finland, where they have already worked Lue lisää

Sprint is in the air!

It was to be business as usual, just another kick off for a software project. The day started early as we commuted to a regional city to meet our client for the first time. It was obvious from the very Lue lisää

Use Sequence and Collection extensions in Swift to keep your code cleaner

In this blog post I am going to show how you can use Sequence and Collection extension to keep your upper layer code cleaner and more readable. I attended try! Swift conference in Tokyo Japan at the beginning of March this year, and Lue lisää

There’s a lot I didn’t know about Tokyo

try! Swift is a conference I attended a while ago, held in Tokyo Japan for a second time now. From the name you probably already guessed that it’s about Swift language, which is mostly used for developing applications for Apple Lue lisää

A case for FIXMEs in production code

16.3.2017 Sami Liedes 6

When writing code, I liberally sprinkle it with FIXME comments that have brief descriptions of what I think should be fixed. This includes blocks of code I think are hackish, fragile, ugly, or just could be improved. Often some slip Lue lisää

Kun projekti epäonnistuu

Vincitillä ei varsinaisia projektipäälliköitä ole, mutta yksi koodaajista tai palvelumuotoilijoista ottaa aina suuremman vastuun projektin vetämisestä ja asiakkaan kanssa kommunikoinnista. Itse pääsin heti ensimmäisessä projektissani Vincitin leivissä tuohon projektivetäjän rooliin. Kova näytön paikka siis. Projektin aloituspalaveri pidettiin maaliskuussa 2016. Asiakkaana Lue lisää

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