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First impressions on Vue.js 2.0

We were discussing recently about Vue.js in our company Slack and whether it would fit to some of our project needs. No one on the #javascript channel had tested Vue and thus no one had anything definitive to say about the Lue lisää

Deploying Django to Elastic Beanstalk with HTTPS redirects and functional health checks

12.9.2016 0

AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Django are a good match – but is your environment configured correctly to avoid insecure protocols and unhealthy servers? Lue lisää

Vincit Helsinki: Dreams, Growth, Stocks and Co-Op

20.4.2016 0

Back in 2014 there was a dream. It was a dream to have a stronghold for Vincit in capital region. This dream coincides well with the parent company CEO’s statement back in February 2014; “I Don’t see a reason, why Vincit Lue lisää

Native, hybrid and HTML5 – three years later

7.4.2016 4

Back in 2013 I wrote a blog post (sorry, in Finnish only) about the different ways to implement a mobile application. The major options of app development have remained pretty much the same since then. They were and still are: Lue lisää

SXSW – a Week of Crazy

22.3.2016 0

SXSW (spelled South-By-Southwest) is more like a festival than a traditional expo. It figures, as it has its roots as a film and music festival. SXSW consists of three main parts: Interactive, Music and Film. I was in for the Lue lisää

Three tips on using Trello in agile SW project management

2.3.2016 1

A good project management tool should fill at least these requirements: Help visualise the work – how much are we working on, how much work is not started and how much is done? Adapt to your process, not the other Lue lisää

Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation — A Perfect Match?

This is a story about VR Rehab. The story started last September in Demola, when a team of six students from different fields came together to work on a project called “Rehabilitation Using Virtual Reality”. During the course of the Lue lisää

On the Hierarchy of Product Needs, or, Semi-Philosophical Musings on How to Prioritize Product Development

27.1.2016 0

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist best known for developing the theory of hierarchy of needs, often referred to simply as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The theory suggests that human needs form a prepotent hierarchy: needs that are lower in Lue lisää

Objection.js + PostgreSQL: by the power of JSON queries

Schemaless development is one popular reason why people use MongoDB (e.g. for fast prototyping). Now one can do that with PostgreSQL with transaction support. Not saying that ”MongoDB is dead” though 😉 Lue lisää

Effortless eager loading and nested inserts with objection.js

25.11.2015 2

A while back I wrote an introductory post about objection.js, the ORM I created for Node.js (it was called Moron.js back then). Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into its features. In this post, I will introduce the Lue lisää

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